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Season 1 coming soon!

Stage 1 - Voting!

We need 3 more states in season 1, so head over to stage 1 voting and vote for which state you would like to see on season 1.

Local Hauntings

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About the Show

Local Hauntings is a new paranormal television game series about two local paranormal documentary teams built with investigators, psychics, and researchers that will explore their home state's top 10 haunted locations that are voted in by the audience, which after the investigations the teams and viewers will be able to cast a vote on how well the location was in order to see which state will be known as the most haunted place in America!

Investigate with our team for an episode by submitting yourself through the CONTACT US page. If picked, we will contact you by E-mail to go over details and information with you. Check BOO's team down below to see who so far has joined us for an episode. 

Ohio's team

Tri-C Ghost Hunters will be representing Ohio in season one. Visit to learn more about their team.

Hello, can you hear me?

Which state is the most haunted in America? 

Season 1

Ohio, New York, and 3 more states!

New York's team

Congrats to The Greater WNY Paranormal Society. They will be representing New York in season one. Visit www.gwnyps.comto learn more about their team.